Monday, September 11

Oh you guys really make me blush!!!

Thanks to the first group of random pits sent in! You guys are beautiful! If and when I'm making my way along Clifton and I manage to recognise either one of you shielding your eyes from the sun, Ill give you a sweaty-pit-holla-fart. Our pits will huddle together, talk amongst themselves, maybe share a little on how the weather is, you know perspriation and much either of us would want to stink up on certain politicians...then say our good byes as our owners tuck us up under their arms (ungratefully) and saunter off into the steamy hot distant beach....notice how the rest of the skinned body gets a little suncrean!!! Damned if I have ever been given so much as a clean shave in my 25 years!! All I get is the occasional, (and I mean occasional) wipe with some roll on that really stings my eyes. What I would give for some cocanut moisturizer, a clean shave and a sun bed.....a man can dream....

Pits to the skies boys!!!!
It's going to be a hot summer boys!!!

Looking at this mullet - I wonder if he shaves everyday, letting his magnificient pits cultivate an awesome 5 oclock shadow? Thought for the day - you work it out....laterz

Here are some beauties!!!!!

Thursday, September 7

Join the Google Group!!

Yes, Armpit Love is reaching for the stars - Join the Google Group by clicking on the link ( and elevate your 'Pit status - have your say, there ain't no stopping anyone now!!!
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'Pits are HOT this summer!!!

*Armpit Love*

Welcome to Armpit Love

'Pit of the Day'
A feeling of pride washes over me - this my friends, is the beginning. This is number 1.

Wednesday, September 6

Fresh faced; fresh scent

Ah yes,

I was looking out of my office window, down onto the hot street. I saw a couple of energetic humanoids in polyester enjoying a light jog around the suburb - I wondered to my self, "If only when they get home, they take a quick pic of their sweat stained shirts before the moisture evaporates"- then send it off to us here. That my friends would make "Pit of the Day"...Something ingenious and spontaneous at the same time...I wonder what level of perspiration ol' Mel here would have been pushing out, after scuffling with Miami's finest and smiling for this here mugshot...Do you think he was perspiring more when he woke from his deep slumber the next morning, only to realise he had pissed off an already aggrovated minorty? Me thinks so....

Armpit Lovers Unite!

Hello all you Armpit Lovers,

This is the first post here and basically the introduction to the blogspot: Ampit Love.

This is a blog dedicated to posting and collecting all your snaps. I will then post it on this site for all the world to see - so get out your phone or camera and take a quick pic of your armpit and send it here. Hairy ones, smelly ones, shaved one's any type - you can even send 2, or 3 - hell, send 20! - send it in and Ill post it...You can then tell all your friends that your armpit is on Armpit Love...

As with everything in life, here at Armpit Love have an initial goal: 1000 Armpit snaps!! To get there we need your help. When we cross this bridge, who knows where the next one will take us.

Spread the Word - Armpits are hot this summer!!

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Best regards,
Armpit Lover